GRI and Enel hosted two live online moderated discussions which brought together key stakeholders from academia, business, policy makers and NGOs, among others.  The collaborations forums attracted around 800 participants from over 50 countries across the world. 

Follow the links below to access the archived disucssions exploring how the private sector can actively contribute to the SDGs.


Forum One: Establishing the State of Play

The first Forum, held 8 October 2019, explored the current state of play on the role of reporting and partnerships to drive corporate change in accomplishing the SDGs. Read the summary report which shares the learnings from the discussion and identifies key challenges and initial priorities for action. 

Explore Session 1          Explore Session 2          Download Summary Report


Forum Two: Scoping a Vision

The second Forum, held on 14 November 2019, built on the outcomes of Forum One and looked at how to  develop a vision on what needs to be done to strengthen the role of future SDG reporting, to enhance sustainable business practices, and actions, to stimulate new partnerships and business models to accelerate corporate SDG action. Read the summary report. 

Explore Session 1          Explore Session 2          Download Summary Report