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Nov 14 '19 9:25am–Nov 14 '19, 11:10am GMT


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Summary of Discussion

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Thinking about accountability and monitoring – how do we go about making sure that what gets agreed in new partnerships, innovations and the SDGs gets implemented?

  • Partnerships require attention and patience to develop right collaboration culture
  • How to get useful improvement data out of compliance processes e.g. WBA and the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark for downstream companies
  • Multi-stakeholder platform to audit implementation and impact - similar to ISO role in standard setting.
  • SDGs are too broad. Accounting and implementation needs to be specific
  • Engagement with academics prior to implementation to understand impact
  • Link CEO performance on SDGs to bonuses. 
  • Data drives value. Open source data, networking and sustainbility data blockchain

How can businesses unlock sustainable investment opportunities through new forms of reporting?

  • Connecting business/financial success to social/environmental success
  • Advertising success for dual benefit to investors and society
  • Using impact investor criteria as new indicators of success for business
  • Sector and size-defined rules that are accepted at international level
  • Need to go back to basics and perfect SMART targets before new reporting innovations
  • SDG focused bonds not aligned in terms of reporting or outcomes. Need clear definitions of what is sustainable
  • Strategic plans that embed and prioritise SDGs into new inclusive and innovative business models

How can the development of business models be scaled for broader impact?

  • Expertise of sustainable development necessary at executive level
  • Business practice enshrined in industry standards
  • Flexible business models that can be customised depending on size, market and sector
  • Focus on integrated reporting over quarterly reporting
  • For larger companies, to focus on externalities relating to SDGs - and then finding relevant partners for support
  • Financial incentives to shift to alternative suppliers
  • Public procurement: rating for sustainable enterprises
  • Scaling requires fast innovation into green tech. Government subsidies away from fossil fuels
  • Collaboration of smaller sustainable companies with multinationals has reputation effect in favour of MNCs
  • Financial system to only focus on sustainable investments
  • Examples:
    • Cleanstar Mozambique

How can more impactful and relevant industry partnerships be encouraged to deliver on the SDGs? Please share examples of multi-sector coalitions with common goals.

  • Change in leadership style to a more feminine style of leadership focused on collaboration
  • Role of industry associations  important to drive SDG fulfilment, similar to being signatory of the PRI. But are they ready to run sustainability themes without looking internally first?
  • Plastics is an issue that has seen NGO and businesses working together towards common goal. Need to identify issues like this
  • Increasing consumer awareness
  • Finding a balance across the SDGs e.g. how to balance the roles of plastics and food waste
  • Examples
    • WBCSD
    • BCSD
    • Consumer Goods Forum (not SDG)
    • Irish Tech Goes Carbon Neutral 2020
    • Bangladesh Accord Foundation
    • Responsible Media Forum
    • Ocean Cleanup
    • Alliance to End Plastic Waste
    • New Plastics Economy

What can be done to help encourage more collaboration between business and government to achieve the SDGs?

  • Increased transparency and cross-sector access to data
  • SDG11 (sustainable cities and communities) is a good example of business and government working together for sustainable development
  • Business should take the lead role in developing economies
  • Government Climate Action plans to include business stakeholders
  • Government to better define national SDG metrics and to include private sector metrics e.g. around SDG12
  • Sustainable Development Forum in Italy an upcoming example of business-government collaboration
  • Policy and legislation to encourage business
  • State-owned business should be best-practice
  • Public procurement to have SDG focus e.g. Social Return metrics in the Netherlands
  • Top-down and bottom-up incentives (eg: taxes or financing mechanisms)

What can be done to make that link so that reporting is more meaningful?

  • Involvement at board-level is necessary to incorporate the SDGs into business strategy
  • Standardising SDG reporting to allow for industry-level collaboration
  • Connecting SDGs to material topics and stakeholders, and making sure KPIs are relevant to economic and business strategy
  • Sustainability and reporting strategy for SMEs
  • An audit system for the SDGs
  • There are too many reporting frameworks. Need mapping of the overlap between the frameworks 


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Good reporting on the SDGs needs to outline, disclose or report on:
Method/process used (identifying/prioritizing SDGs)
SMART SDG-related performance goals
Impact quantification methodologies
SDG triggered innovations
105 votes
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Successful multi-sector coalitions depend on:
Clear business targets
Complementary goals
Common language
Access to funding
Value-added (resources/capabilities)
Access to new markets
Growth opportunities
Scalable/transformative impact
Building trust
Effective practices/strong project management
80 votes
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Business models that drive action on the SDGs require:
Responsive/responsible leadership
Multi-level governance
Horizontal coordination (dynamization)
Action at regional levels
Disruptive innovation
Unlocking economic opportunities
Innovative perspectives/ideas
Shape globalisation
65 votes
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There are no clearly identified business indicators on SDG 17. What indicators are most suitable to measure business contributions to this goal?
Number of partnerships
Number of science / technology cooperation agreements
Amount of funding for technology / knowledge transfer
Funding for financial and technical assistance
Transparency around taxes paid
Funding contributed to SDG-linked projects
Dollars invested in Least Developed Countries (LDCs)
Amount of funding committed to PPPs and civil society partnerships
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