What should I expect from this Online Collaboration Forum?

The forums are real-timetext-based online conversations that provide the opportunity for anyone interested in the SDGs from around the world to come together to discuss and collaborate on the role of transparency and reporting. These conversations take place in a dedicated, secure online space and are moderated by an expert GlobeScan team focusing on strategic questions within the overall theme of transparency and the SDGs. The forum with GRI and Enel will consist of two 90-minute sessions to ensure maximum geographic and time zone coverage.

Expect a fast-paced and wide-ranging discussion as people from around the world add their perspectives in real-time. We help participants keep up with the debate by moderating and summarizing the main points raised on a white box on your screen. You will also be able to read about the takeaways of the sessions in a publicly published report after the forum.

Why should I join?

By participating, you will be able to interact with experts and stakeholders from all over the world, learn about future trends around transparency, reporting and the SDGs, building great insight and understanding on challengesopportunities and latest best practices and innovations. Moreover, it provides a great space to find and build potential collaborations, partnerships and networks among participants which share common interests. Join and share your projects, ideas and solutions about the world’s most pressing challenges.


Why are GRI and Enel doing this?

GRI and Enel have joined forces to answer the question how the private sector actively can contribute to the SDGs. And what the role is or should be of reporting and the establishment of partnerships in this process? Learn more here.

In the second phase of the collaboration the outcomes of the online stakeholder forums will be discussed in regional dialogues. The aim of these regional engagements is to explore how the lessons; especially those around effective business models and partnerships can be translated into concrete actions respecting the local/regional context.


Why are GRI and Enel collaborating with GlobeScan and using their proprietary collaboration platform?

Renowned sustainability insights consultancy GlobeScan was a logical choice for this project. Both partners recognized that GlobeScan’s expertise and proven collaboration platform guarantees a high-level debate and a meaningful outcome of the first phase of their joint project.

The online platform used for the collaboration allows GRI/Enel to engage over a longer period of time in conversations with the participants. It will also be used to share and host background information such as the GRI/UNGC publications around SDG’s and reporting.


What outputs are there from the forums?

The forum creates new networks and collaborations among experts and stakeholders by bringing them together. These can translate into meaningful action and impact! A report on the main learnings will also be published after each event for an even wider audience to understand trends, current initiatives and future challenges and opportunities to create awareness and inspire change among all.

The report and outcomes from the forums will inform regional dialogues, on strengthening the role of the SDGs, that GRI and Enel have planned for 2020.


Will there be audio?

The forum is solely text-based! We believe the text format of the Online Collaboration Forum (similar to a discussion board but with a faster flow of comments and engagement) enables these conversations to be inclusiveopen and democratic since anyone can contribute, reply and raise new issues. You can follow others' comments and choose the sections or questions that you engage in.


Have you conducted these events before?

The first online collaboration forum was the Sustainable Living Lab, run in partnership with Unilever in 2012. Since then we have held similar online events with partners including BTHPEAB InBev and Cranfield University

The SDG Leadership Series launched in March 2018 – learn more about these forums on our website.