Reporting for Progress on the SDGs OR Creating a Vision for Transparency OR….

Collaboration Forum Hosted by GRI, Enel and GlobeScan

Driving Corporate Action Towards Accomplishing The SDGs

Join a live, moderated, online discussion with Enel and GRI around the role transparency and partnerships should play to accelerate the private sector contributions to the SDGs.

This Collaboration Forum project, which builds on the success of the Reporting 2025 project, is facilitated by our research partner GlobeScan.

Date: Thursday 14th November 2019

The SDGs were established by the United Nations as the ambitious roadmap towards a sustainable future. The success of the SDGs hinges on the ability to engage the private sector and unleash their innovative power. Enel and GRI have joined forces to answer the question of how the private sector can actively contribute to the SDGs. Key questions to be discussed will be for example:

  • What is or should the role of reporting be?
  • How does the establishment of partnerships contribute to this process?

Our debate on 14th November will focus on developing a vision around what needs to be done to strengthen the role of (SDG) reporting to enhance sustainable business practices and how to stimulate new partnerships and business models.

This forum is open to anyone who shares an interest in or expertise on:

  • SDGs
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Transparency



There will be two sessions during the day – you can choose the option that fits with your schedule or simply join both. We will have different thought leaders in each session.



GlobeScan CEO Chris Coulter and GlobeScan Director Caroline Holme