Thank you for your interest in Cranfield University’s Sustainability Innovation Exchange, a series of online text-based conversations exploring how policy can channel the innovative power of individuals towards more sustainable ways of living.

This virtual workshop is a vital tool for collaborative engagement on a number of key topics related to how public policy can enable this sustainability innovation.

Through a series of text-based online conversations led by Cranfield University and hosted by GlobeScan on this site on Wednesday 25th May, we will bring together people from all walks of life, who share an interest in trying to innovate for a more sustainable future. Together we will develop recommendations for policymakers on the role they can play to support these efforts.

The first session will run from 10am – 11.30am BST (11am - 12.30pm CEST) on 25th May, and the second session will run in the afternoon from 2pm – 3.30pm BST (3pm - 4.30pm CEST). See more details about the schedule here.

To register for the Sustainability Innovation Exchange and be able to participate in the discussion on the 25th May, please enter your details below. If you have any problems registering, please contact us here.

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GlobeScan takes the privacy of participants very seriously. Please see the Privacy Policy. If you choose to receive sustainability information from Cranfield University, GlobeScan will share your contact information for this purpose.

The aim is for the Exchange to be as open and fruitful a discussion as possible, so we ask that all participants abide by a core set of rules.