Friday Nwaigwe

Chief of Child Survival and Development Programme, UNICEF Vietnam
Ha Noi, Vietnam

About Me: Short Bio of Dr. Friday A. Nwaigwe, Chief Child Survival and Development
Dr. Friday A. Nwaigwe, is a medical doctor by training and joined UNICEF in 2000. He has over the past 18 years worked with UNICEF in supporting national human development priorities in many countries including Nigeria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Rwanda and currently in Viet Nam. Before and during this time period, Dr. Friday has worked closely with national governments on child survival and development programmes, health system strengthening, Health human resource capacity development and Innovations in Health care.
During his tour of duty in Rwanda, as the head of UNICEF health sector activities, supported the government of Rwanda in concert with other stakeholders, in putting into place key strategies that facilitated the attainment of their health related MDGs. Important key contributions included support to the Community Health Worker system reforms that supported the operationalization of Proequity approaches in community health.
During his service in Somalia, amongst other things supported the Local Puntland Government of Somalia (2005-2008) in strengthening the capacities of their frontline health workers in supporting an almost Health in complex emergency situation that offered the services to the people of Puntland in very adverse situation.
In the attainment of these Healthcare priorities and targets, the Health Worker has always been central to these achievements.
Currently Dr. Friday is leading UNICEF Viet Nam support to Government of Viet Nam in Proequity Child Survival and Development programme that will support narrowing of disparities and high vulnerabilities in special population groups especially the Ethnic minority communities. He is also leading the development of the new Integrated Early Childhood Development programme aimed at accomplishing the unfinished agenda of the MDGs as well as laying the foundation of a new human resource cadre that will support the current and future drive of the country towards attainment of their national development priorities.
Dr. Friday Achilefu Nwaigwe.

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