Capacity Building and Empowering Women in the Healthcare Workforce

Session 2
Mar 28 '18 2:50pm–Mar 28 '18, 5:00pm GMT



• The first part of the conversation focused on Capacity building for frontline healthcare workers, exploring tactics and best practice solutions to grow, train and support frontline healthcare workers globally.

• The second part of the conversation focused on Empowering women in the healthcare workforce, exploring solutions to some of the barriers faced by female healthcare workers and what investments can have the most benefit to health systems overall.



Frederick Rariewa
Johns Hopkins University CCP
Mar 28 '18, 4:58pm · Report
Thank you all for sharing your experience and deep insights! The 2 hours felt like 20 minutes.
John Reading
Merck for Mothers
Mar 28 '18, 4:56pm · Report
Thank you very much for the excellent discussion!
Shiou-Chu Wang
Management Sciences for Health
Mar 28 '18, 4:55pm · Report
I love the forum! Learn a lot from the discussion. Thanks so much!
Mar 28 '18, 4:54pm · Report
This forum was a brilliant way to learn and share. Look forward to others, and the report from this one.
Joy Marini
Johnson & Johnson
Mar 28 '18, 4:54pm · Report
Loved the discussion and learned so much. Thank you to the many global health leaders, NGO partners and Multinational partners who joined today. We're already crossing the bridge to a new road for health workers
Mar 28 '18, 4:53pm · Report
Thanks for inviting us to this fascinating and fast-paced discussion!
Joy Marini
Johnson & Johnson
Mar 28 '18, 4:52pm · Report
What type of leadership is needed? We must have agreement at every level that we need both women and men in the health workforce. Both genders bring unique perspectives and health care is a nuanced profession which requires multiple perspectives. Without women, we are missing an important voice in health care delivery. DYK that 5B people have their health care provided by a female health worker? These vital links in the health system cannot be ignored and must be respected and supported for the value they bring to essential care at the front lines.
Mar 28 '18, 4:54pm · Report
I totally agree, we need both women and men in the health workforce. The perspective it brings is invaluable.
Mar 28 '18, 4:52pm · Report
Thank you. I have learned a great deal from everyone and hope to keep these issues at the forefront.

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Femke De Man
Director, GlobeScan


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