Purposeful Leadership in a Time of Crisis

On 2nd April 2020, GlobeScan hosted a special webinar and online collaboration forum on 'Purposeful Leadership in a Time of Crisis' where we looked across the world at how business is responding to the COVID-19 crisis and what more business could do to demonstrate even more purposeful leadership.

In addition to hearing Mike Barry’s very insightful and inspirational perspectives to kick us off, we were joined online by more than 320 people, from 47 countries, posting nearly 770 comments. The collective contributions and examples shared by participants helped to make this a truly collective and impactful discussion.

We are keen to build on this collaboration forum and work through various stages of the journey we are all on in the coming months. As Mike outlined, we are in a Crisis Phase and we have taken a good pulse check on best practice and perspectives around leadership in these trying times. We would like to do the same in about three or four months’ time to explore how business is responding in a possible Rebuilding Phase and then later in the year we may find ourselves in a New Leadership Phase. 

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