Frequently Asked Questions


Who is GlobeScan?

GlobeScan is an insights and strategy consultancy, focused on helping its clients build long-term trusting relationships with their stakeholders. Offering a suite of specialist research and advisory services, GlobeScan partners with business, NGOs and governmental organizations to meet strategic objectives across reputation, sustainability and purpose.

Established in 1987, GlobeScan has offices in Cape Town, Hong Kong, London, Paris, San Francisco, São Paulo and Toronto, is a participant of the UN Global Compact and a Certified B Corporation


What are Online Collaboration Forums?

GlobeScan's unique Collaboration Forum platform brings stakeholder dialogue and collaboration to scale. Real-time, online text-based dialogues take place in a dedicated, secure online space to involve hundreds of stakeholder perspectives, across different geographies.

We facilitate the crowdsourcing of ideas and solutions to inform strategy, risks and opportunities, materiality, and reporting and help build stronger relationships with key stakeholders who are crucial for achieving corporate and/or sustainability goals.


What should I expect from a live, online, moderated discussion?

The forums are real-time, text-based online conversations that provide the opportunity for participants from around the world to come together to discuss and collaborate on a specific topic.

This conversation will take place in a dedicated, secure online space and will be moderated by GlobeScan. We will share best practice across the world of business responding to the COVID-19 crisis and explore what more business could do to demonstrate purposeful leadership in this time of crisis

Participants should expect a fast-paced and wide-ranging discussion as people from around the world add their perspectives in real-time. GlobeScan also helps participants keep up with the debate by moderating and summarizing the main points raised on a whiteboard on the right hand of your computer screen.


Why should I join?

By participating, you will be able to interact with stakeholders from all over the world and share examples on how companies have responded to COVID-19,

GlobeScan's Online Collaboration Forum platform provides a great space to find and build potential collaborations, partnerships and networks among participants who share common interests. 


Will there be an audio dial in facility?

No there is no dial in facility.  On the day of the Forum you will be able to log in using the username and password you created when registering for this event.

This online discussion forum will consist of a 30 minute livestream webinar presentation followed by a moderated, text-based online discussion to enable participants to share their comments, ideas and examples.

We believe the text format of the online moderated discussions - similar to a Reddit-style discussion board but with a faster flow of comments and engagement - enables these conversations to be inclusive, open and democratic since anyone can contribute, reply and raise new issues.

Participants can follow others' comments and choose the sections or questions that they engage in.