Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

The GlobeScan SDG Leadership Series

VMware and GlobeScan would like to thank all contributors to the SDG Leadership Goal 9 Forum

The SDG Leadership Forum for Goal 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure was hosted by VMware and GlobeScan on Wednesday, December 12, 2018. In this live, online discussion we explored the critical role technology innovation and digital infrastructure can play in achieving the United Nations’ ambitious 2030 goals, and the technology industry’s opportunity to help drive resilient and sustainable economic and environmental development.

You can still access the discussion by logging in on the right hand side and then clicking on the discussion topic. You can also download the summary report from this page.

Our online conversation provided an excellent opportunity for collaboration in uncovering key challenges, inspiring new thinking and sharing best practice solutions to help turn ideas into actions for SDG 9 progress.

This event was the fifth in GlobeScan's SDG Leadership Series. To find out about the other events in the Series please visit GlobeScan's website here. 

Please note that all of our SDG Leadership Forums can be accessed with the same log in details - there is no need to re-register for each event.