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The SDG Leadership Forum for Goal 17 was a global, online, text-based discussion hosted live by Unilever and GlobeScan on this site on Wednesday 14th March.

We were joined by a diverse range of stakeholders from government, civil society and the private sector. Together, we explored how private and public sector finances can help to build new forms of partnerships to deliver transformational change and how we can scale up entrepreneurship for SDG impact.

We started the Forum with a short video introduction from Paul Polman, Unilever CEO, outlining that the SDGs are a once in a lifetime opportunity to end poverty and tackle climate change and that delivering the goals can happen only if business, governments and civil society work together.

The topics covered in our discussions are outlined below. To access the discussions, please log in and then head to the Sessions page.

Creating transformational partnerships to fund progress on the SDGs

Session 1: Mar 14 '18, 8:45am–10:00am GMT
Session 2: Mar 14 '18, 3:45pm–5:00pm GMT

Scaling up innovative, sustainable solutions through entrepreneurship

Session 1: Mar 14 '18, 9:45am–11:00am GMT
Session 2: Mar 14 '18, 4:45pm–6:00pm GMT