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IoT’s potential to drive transformative change in the environmental, social and economic spheres is a source of hope and excitement. However, while some companies are delivering examples of where this potential is becoming reality, is the progress quick enough and at a large enough scale to help address the rapid onset of global challenges we face?

Just as with Internet more broadly, no one owns the Internet of Things. So how do we ensure that the rapid development of IoT technologies is maximizing its benefit to business and society and that it can be scaled quickly to match the challenges?

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is one of the companies that are innovating IoT solutions to help organizations create value across the triple bottom line by enabling efficiency and helping to unlock more opportunities for people, business and the planet. However, they, along with technology peers cannot do it alone.

On September 21, at the GreenBiz Verge conference and online around the world, HPE, in conjunction with GreenBiz and GlobeScan, will host a global interactive dialogue on how we can collectively drive the sustainability benefits of IoT to scale.

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LPX4: Capitalizing on the Sustainable Benefits of the Internet of Things

Capitalizing on the Sustainable Benefits of the Internet of Things: A simultaneous online and in-person LPX from HPE, hosted in collaboration with GreenBiz and GlobeScan.

LPX4 : Sep 21 '16, 6:45pm–9:15pm GMT