Launch of Oxford-GlobeScan Corporate Affairs Report 2020

Jun 24 '20 12:55pm–Jun 24 '20, 2:40pm GMT


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Summary of Discussion

1. What lessons has your organization learnt through the current COVID-19 crisis?

  • Readiness to address climate change and/or other issues
  • Increasing importance of effective employee engagement
  • Increasing centrality of the Corporate Affairs function
  • Importance of knowing your stakeholders

2. To what extent has the Corporate Affairs function been able to embed a reputation ethos in other corporate functions’ plans and activities?

  • Positioning purpose as a North Star
  • Reinforced the importance of Corporate Affairs function
  • More communication and collaboration with strategic alliances
  • To identify strategic needs

3. How are you measuring the impact that of corporate affairs activities on delivering value to the business?

  • Looking at stakeholders' perspectives/views
  • Employee engagement pulse checks 
  • By the use of KPIs and/or dashboards
  • Using a good mix of qualitative and quantitative data

4. What is the most important thing companies should focus on in the post-COVID context to truly be trusted leaders?

  • Delivering on promises. Actions have to match words
  • Clear view on how to make tradeoff decisions
  • Transparency, effective communication, and connection with stakeholders
  • Supporting communities, more education around sustainability 
  • Bringing in a purpose on sustainable practices


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How much do you think that COVID-19 is fundamentally changing the relationship between business and society?
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To what extent is the corporate affairs function embedded across other functions in your organization?
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