HP Living Progress Exchange: September 9, 2014
An Online Dialogue

Welcome to the HP Living Progress Exchange

HP has launched a framework for thinking about how it does business, called HP Living Progress. To HP, Living Progress means creating a better future for everyone through its actions and innovations. It is a wholly integrated approach to business which simultaneously drives human, economic, and environmental progress in an effort to solve some of the world's biggest problems.

HP recognizes that it is not alone on this journey, so we're bringing together experts and opinion leaders from around the world to create a dialogue where we can learn from others, inspire fresh thinking and share good practice.

The Living Progress Exchange will take place on September 9, 2014, via a text-based discussion hosted on this website. It will bring together experts from academia, business, civil society, and government in a discussion facilitated and independently moderated by GlobeScan. The Exchange will be global, taking place throughout the day, to allow people to participate across multiple time zones.