Rosario Galvan

Sustainability, Land, and Stakeholder Adviser, Independent consultant

About Me: I have a background in land use planning, environmental and socioeconomic assessments, and multi-stakeholder community-based participatory development projects in natural resource management, sanitation, and infrastructure sectors. Inclusive of diversity-sensitive lenses across the gender, ethnic, culture, and generational divides.

This has worked well both in rural areas (community forestry, watershed management, drinking water supply system, disaster risk reduction, sustainable coastal tourism, biodiversity conservation and alternative livelihoods) as well as in disadvantaged urban settings (environmental sanitation and health).

With a focus in LAC region, I integrated expertise from our territorial planning and decentralized autonomous regions system in Spain.

A key dimension of successful project work has involved facilitating coexistence and harmonization of governance systems (state law and customary law) when working with indigenous peoples, as well as cultural validation of technical language in environmental management that can be owned by communities for sound administration of their resources.

Now bringing that background into the corporate sustainability arena to help companies committed to tackle deforestation, climate change, and human right risks across their supply chains. To help advance implementation of the 2030 SDGs agenda in alignment with responsible business conduct, so that companies can achieve their financial and material bottomline while championing community wellbeing and preserving natural capital.

I am a Global Core Team member of the Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (HDHS) network, and support the Planning and Coordination working group of the UN-Global Action Plan (GAP) for Sustainable Energy Solutions in Situations of Displacement.

My on site work experience spans twenty-three countries across four continents.