Mainstreaming circular consumption with the sharing economy

Session 1
Sep 12 '18 9:50am–Sep 12 '18, 11:05am GMT

Discussing how technology, the sharing economy and collaborative consumption can be better leveraged to close the circular consumption loop.


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Karan Kumar
Sep 12 '18, 11:04am · Report
This was great indeed! Do stay in touch for sure :)
Greg Campbell
Sep 12 '18, 11:03am · Report
Great input, we need more of these forums, thx
Erick Bouwer
Special Guest
Sep 12 '18, 11:03am · Report
Thank you all. I look forward to staying in touch and exchange knowledge, network and opportunities.
Perrine Bouhana
Sep 12 '18, 11:01am · Report
Thanks so much everyone - we hope you've enjoyed this conversation as much as we did!

Thanks again!
Sep 12 '18, 11:02am · Report
thanks, let's do more collaborative & diverse conversations like this again! :-)
Perrine Bouhana
Sep 12 '18, 11:00am · Report
Oops, it looks like our pop up survey did not work properly. We are working on fixing the problem. Otherwise, note we will also send you the link to complete the survey via email.
Arthur Ten Wolde
Special Guest
Ecopreneur EU
Sep 12 '18, 10:59am · Report
Here is the position of Ecopreneur on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) - crucial!
Sep 12 '18, 10:58am · Report
A range of options for consumers that suits their pockets and passions would be good so we can buy expensive made-to-last goods, second hand, shared, rented, refurbished etc with options to sell-back, repair etc...
Perrine Bouhana
Sep 12 '18, 10:58am · Report
Thank you everyone for an excellent discussion! Valuable insights and brilliant examples on such a critical issue. We are now wrapping up our forum. We will be repeating these sessions this afternoon with the same questions, to capture the ideas of people in other time zones.

After that we will start to analyze everyone’s contributions from today and summarize these in a report, which we will send out in a few weeks’ time.

A feedback survey will now pop up for you to fill in before you leave – please do complete this.

Thank you for joining us!

Summary of Discussion

Question 6: How can an actor like C&A Foundation, and its strategic partner Fashion for Good, drive more positive change?

  • Help brands develop business case - proof of concept
  • Support for innovation
  • Fund projects for the long-term
  • Work with fashion schools / colleges
  • Support local actions
  • Facilitator / bridge between stakeholders
  • Help generate funding
  • Engage government on industry-wide story
  • Build on existing initiatives /  infrastructure
  • Get more corporate buy-in and help de-risk
  • Tie in circularity with other social issues

Question 5: Which actors do we need to involve more effectively in order to make circular consumption mainstream in the fashion industry?

  • Consumers - including teenagers, young children
  • Schools - educating the next gen and fashion colleges
  • Influencers - but what's in it for them?
  • Media - engage mainstream media on circular stories e.g. Elle UK sustainability issue
  • Policymakers - regulatory / financial incentives
  • Peer support
  • Coalitions and collaborations
  • Brands - for leadership
  • Investors and NGOs - to reward companies
  • Suppliers - more responsible for impact

Question 4: What other solutions exist to help catalyze more circular consumption patterns among fashion consumers?

  • Incentives e.g. free trials
  • Better consumer insights and consistent communications - brands leveraging marketing power
  • Getting influencers on board
  • Higher quality and durability - promoting longevity
  • New innovative methods of collection and reverse logistics
  • More 'experience' models
  • Brands and retailers offering subscription and repair services
  • Service contracts
  • Incentives for repair - making it cheaper and easier

Question 3: How do we help consumers value access over ownership, on a wider scale?

  • Education - about where clothers come from
  • Social media engagement - influencers to involve GenZ ("If Kim Kardashian started talking about ethical fashion, we'd change the world over night")
  • Story telling and tapping into emotions and people's needs and desires
  • Avoiding the 's' word
  • Addressing pricing
  • Focus on the benefits e.g. functional, emotiosl, social, financial - put consumer needs first
  • Promoting access over ownership and 'lifestyle services'

Question 2: What are the challenges for fashion brands / retailers to switch to sharing and collaborative business models?

  • Lack of consumer demand and insights on how to engage them
  • Communicating consumer benefits - better marketing needed
  • Shifting consumers from ownership
  • Investment in infrastructure
  • How to price new models -cost of renting
  • Overall outdated retail model
  • Identifying new models and complications e.g. customer data 
  • Conflicting objectives and targets
  • Insufficient disruptors
  • Not enough regulatory carrots and sticks
  • Designing apparel that's timeless
  • Quality issues - especially if clothes are rented
  • Social stigma on sharing economy

Q1: What are the best examples of sharing and collaborative economy models delivering circular benefits, in and outside the fashion industry?

  • Subscription models e.g. Vigga
  • Focus on consumer benefits (sustainability is 2ndary) e.g. cash for 2nd hand clothes / uniqueness of 2nd hand
  • Flea markets - sellling the 'experience'
  • Flexible models e.g. GwynnieBee option to buy
  • Online swapping e.g.
  • Online marketplaces e.g. ebay
  • Online thrift stores with lots of co-benefits
  • Local community clothes lending libraries 


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