Alessandra Orofino

Activist and Co-Founder and Executive Director, Nossas

About Me: Nossas’ executive director, Alessandra Orofino has extensive experience in community organizing and activism. She was a founding team member at Purpose, a NY-based agency that incubated groups such as AllOut, GetUp, and Meu Rio. Before joining the civic engagement world, Alessandra worked with GBV research in Brazil and in India. She also curated AQESE, a blog focused on gender inequality at Folha, Brazil’s largest newspaper, and wrote a column for the print version of the same publication. She is the lead editorial voice of GregNews, one of Brazil’s most popular weekly political satire shows, aired on HBO. In 2014, she spoke at the TEDGlobal stage. In 2019, she was selected as a fellow for the Obama Foundation. She co-founded Nossas in 2011, at age 22. She has a baby daughter, Helena. Alessandra has a Bachelor’s Degree from Columbia University in Economics and Human Rights.